The Company

World leader in
arc welding automation

Half century of submerged arc welding


Some History

The headquarters in the province of Treviso, very close to the airport of Venice, is the beating hearth of the company

We are a team of professionals who – assisted by a structured network of collaborators and international partnerships – coordinate the activities of marketing, design, construction, installation, sales, assembly and assistance all over the world.

The company, operating in the sector since 1977, immediately stands out in the world market as well as for the reliability of its standard products, also for the creation of customized systems based on customer needs.

Corimpex develops its core business within the automation of submerged arc welding, qualifying it as the only Italian company to have such specific skills, strengthened by almost half a century of direct experience in the field and by the wide range of products.

In 2018 the second production plant was inaugurated, a complex of about 3000 square meters of production on an area of 6000 square meters, at the forefront of technology and safety;

With about 850 active production lines in over 83 countries, Corimpex stands out for the reliability of its solutions but also for the ability to create customized projects, also guaranteeing its customers a precise and quick assistance service, both in on-site services and for what concerns remote assistance. To implement the support given to the customer, the company decided to open, in January 2017, a branch in Dubai to support the commercial network for the countries of the Middle East.

This solid background, combined with the dynamic and flexible structure, makes Corimpex an efficient company able to move and evolve more easily. These peculiarities are now well known and appreciated by some of the largest international customers who, more and more often, find in Corimpex the ideal partner for the realization of their projects.


Often, when I talk about Corimpex, I emphasize that at the base of our business there is a process of union: in fact, we allow different elements to join together to give life to completely new, more functional and innovative entities. This philosophy has led over the years to strong growth supported by recognition in the international market: a reputation that precedes us, qualifying us as a reliable and cutting-edge company even in the eyes of those who meet us for the first time.

Paolo Storer

President & R&D Director

The Team

We are a team passionate about their work, which provides its customers with its expertise and experience of over 50 years in submerged arc welding in order to achieve industry excellence and increasingly ambitious goals.

Quality policy

Economic, social and environmental sustainability: these are the three criteria that define a sustainable company that cares to the future of the planet. In Corimpex we care about the aspects of sustainability across the board, which is why we strive to be a stable and rooted company, we have a business environment favorable to the growth of the person and consequently of the team. In order to achieve these objectives, CORIMPEX will make available all possible resources for staff training, development and growth of a Management System, in compliance with the reference regulations and specifications.

Industry 4.0

The Corimpex Plants are compatible with the “Transition 4.0” plan whose objective is to encourage and accompany companies in the process of technological transition and environmental sustainability, relaunching the investment cycle. Corimpex has made its systems intelligent by allowing them to be integrated with special automation systems for industry 4.0, in order to get, for our customers, the tax benefits provided.


Research and Development carries out a fundamental activity in the company. In Corimpex we put particular attention to controlling, coordinating and creating research in the various business segments, ensuring continuous innovation of submerged arc welding products and processes in order to obtain the best qualitative and quantitative performance on the market. The key to maintaining our leadership position in the industry is to continue growing as we have been doing for nearly half a century.

Arc Welding

Submerged Arc Welding (SAWSubmerged Arc Welding in AWS terminology) is a continuous wire arc welding process under flux protection. In the Corimpex world, this type of welding is used to join steel plates in order to create complex components, for the subsequent production of structures, which require very high structural rigidity and an equally high quality of welding and production. The general morphology of the welding area (i.e. the fact that the arc works under the welding flux) allows to produce a large amount of heat which, being covered by the flux, remains localized in the welding bed in order to avoid chemical processes that can affect the quality of the weld itself. Submerged arc welding therefore allows to operate with high working and deposition speeds Submerged arc welding is a process that can be made fully automatic and can perform both vertical and horizontal beams and circumferential welds on rotators.