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PWL MS – Pole Welding Line Mono-Shell

The PWL-MS welding line is the specific solution for the production of lighting poles, lighting towers and telecommunication towers.

Pole welding lineMono-shell

PWL MS – Pole Welding Line Mono-Shell

The PWL-MS Mono-Shell Pole Welding Line allows you to weld round, conical and polygonal multi-sides poles without pre-tack welding, up to a diameter of 820 mm and thicknesses from 3 mm up to 8 mm (10 mm on request).

An integrated water-cooled copper bar is always present to ensure an efficient and reliable backing as well as the right welding penetration and an post-heating device (induction or gas) makes it possible to compensate for thermal deformations in order to optimize transport dimensions.

The line is composed by a V-shape in-feed/out-feed conveyors and a triple-axis main welding unit’s centering system, that enable the welding of the poles without the need of pre-tacking.

The angle of the V shape conveyor rolls are adjustable according to the multi-sides pole geometry and, the same function, is present also in the main welding machine to guarantee a proper driving of the pole under the welding phase.

The main drive rolls are powered by brushless motors to properly control the speed as well as to ensure an efficient anti-twisting capability of the machine.



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