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PWL BS – Pole Welding Line Bi-Shell

The PWL-BS welding line is the specific solution for the production of large bi-shell poles.

Pole welding lineBi-shell

PWL BS – Pole Welding Line Bi-Shell

The PWL-BS Bi-Shell Pole Welding Line allows you to weld conical, round and polygonal double-shell poles, up to 1.6 mdiameter and 20 mm thickness with pre-tack welding required only on one side.
An integrated 180° pole rotators are present on the outfeed V shape roll conveyor, to allow you to bring back the bi-shell pole on the infeed side and, at the same time, the machine will remove automatically the initial pre-tack, before welding the second seam.
This Bi-Shell Pole welding system is designed specifically for the manufacturers of 5G telecommunication towers, as well as the transmission towers ones.
This machine allows also the Mono Shell Poles welding start from 350 mm diameter, making this solution one of the most flexible on the market.



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