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BSM – Beam Straightening Machine

The new BSM represents a practical and integrative solution to existing welding lines, in order to correct the deformations of the flanges of H-welded beams.

Straightening LineFlange deformation

BSM – Beam Straightening Machine

The BSM horizontal straightener is the optimal solution that allows simultaneous straightening of the flanges of H-beams and includes a fixed side and an adjustable side according to the width of the web. Each side is equipped with an independent mechanical straightening system and the straightening of the flanges takes place by loading the machine with the welded beam in a horizontal position, then the movement and loading of the beam is ensured by special motorized conveyors. The machine is also equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that allows the adjustable side to approach or move away and the translation takes place on a linear guide integrated into the base of the machine itself.

The two flanges deformation groups are also movable on vertical linear guides and their position is determined by the size of the flange, always keeping the position of the central post-deforming wheel aligned with the web. This vertical movement is driven by a hydraulic cylinder and controlled by a linear transducer for easy and quick positioning.



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