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BWM-TC – Beam Welding Machine

The BWM-TC series represents the most advanced and flexible automatic solution in the world for the production of welded T and I beams, as well as other non-standard beams.

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BWM-TC – Beam Welding Machine

The BWM line allows you to reach the maximum level of productivity, drastically reducing the use of the overhead crane during the entire production cycle. In addition, a complete pre-tack is not required, as only one weld point is required at the front of the beam. The series also offers full programmability with automatic machine settings that can be defined in a few seconds, an integrated flange post-deformation device with a capacity of 100 tons, welding parameters that can be memorized and integrated with full control of the same during the welding phase, welding torch angle setting, Industry 4.0 and many other options.

An integrated twin solution of the TC series is available to maximize high volume production requirements. This machine is a leader in the fields of metalwork, bridge fabrication, service centers, shipbuilding, off-shore platforms and PEB construction.



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